De Petra Horn Necklace


Ethically sourced and expertly handcrafted, this striking accessory blends nature and glamour.

Jan 10, 2014
Horn of Plenty necklace by De Petra
A blend of natural and finished materials is used to craft each handmade piece in De Petra’s jewellery collection.
Photography courtesy De Petra

Sisters Cynthia Sheridan and Lorena Rodriguez have been inspiring me since 2008, when they launched their colourful and earthy jewellery line, De Petra.

The brand is named for the ancient Arabian city of Petra, a UNESCO-inscribed site and the intricate stone-carved home of the Nabataean people, who were early craftsmen and masters of water technology, mining and architecture. Ancient and modern cultures are significant sources of inspiration for Sheridan and Rodriguez, who are intrepid travellers.

My favourite piece from De Petra’s most recent collection is the Horn of Plenty necklace, which is handmade from materials that were ethically sourced from around the globe. The centrepiece is a small goat horn Sheridan found on a friend’s South Texas ranch. Bold turquoise set on natural chalcedony adds a splash of colour and, according to Sheridan, symbolizes prosperity and protection. Vintage Swarovski crystals and African brass beads complete the design and create subtle glamour.

It may not become part of my everyday look, but this necklace is sure to channel my global spirit.

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