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Thursday, December 30, 2010

De Petra Jewelry

I was shopping around at Leap, my favorite store in Houston. Inside the jewelry case, I espied huge chunks of jagged amythest set against hammered gold and silver on leather bracelets. I wanted them so so bad. Uponst inquiring the usual who what wear what are these, I was promptly informed that De Petra is the brainchild of two sisters who live in Houston.

Sisters Cyntthia Sheridan and Lorena Rodriguez have been creating in Houston since 1991.
Inspired by the ancient city of Petra, lying in great rift valley in Jordan, the Petra people were known for, among other things, wisdom and metal workings.
Their work on metal is based on ancient techniques of metal work.

The beauty of De Petra's jewelry is the amount of detail within each piece and the combinations of different metals, rocks and leathers. Each piece is given such consideration, nothing is random. The combination of metal with geodes are based upon spiritual rock and crystal healing. The creation of the jewelry is such an organic process and that comes across in the finished product- it's natural while utterly breathtaking; it mimics the formation of topographical maps, it's as though De Petra jewelry came out of the ground. Which is because a lot of the geodes did, the rocks are jagged and organic, set against hammered gold or silver, fixed upon buttery leather cuffs and bracelets or in metal rings.

Contacting the sisters, I asked if I could visit their studio and creation space. They happily obliged. Their studio is in Cynthia's apartment, in the Museum District of Houston.

De Petra is carried in these Houston boutiques: Kuhl-Linscomb, High Gloss, Leap, and Marni Rocks. De Petra is also available in Santa Fe’s Bodhi Bazaar and Rosemary Beach’s Willow boutique.

Recently, De Petra has created an exclusive collection for Anthopologie.

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